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    Cellulose Fiber for Mortar or Tile Cement,fiber for Concrete,coating Construction,fiber and Cellulose
    Cellulose fiber for road is one of the most important raw materials to produce SMA mixture. It can absorb asphalt, reinforce adhesion strength, and can play a stabilizing and reinforced role.

    Physical parameters:

    lengthAverage〈6mmAsh content, %18 ±5%
    PH value7.0 ±1.0Oil-absorption rateNo less than 5 times the weight of itself
    Moisture content % 〈5%Heat tolerance230 ℃ (280 ℃ in a short time)

    Main functions:
    1. Reinforcement;
    2. Dispersion;
    3. Absorbing or soak up the asphalt;
    4. Stabilization;
    5. Adhesion.
    Main applications:
    1. The anti – sliding layer of highway
    2. Old highway maintenance and repair
    3. Airport construction
    4. Bridge deck pavement
    Usage introductions:
    Recommended dosage: The usual amount is 0.3 % of the weight of the mixture and implement designed dosage under specific circumstances.
    Packaging: The net weight is 10 kg/bag, 15 kg/bag or 20 kg/bag (It can also be tailored according to clients’ requests).

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