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    Electric Hot Runner Coil Heater With Thermocouple
    Coil heaters are heaters with small diameters, but with a great heating power. It is particularly suitable for use in hot runners systems for plastic industries and many other thermal processes, where ever high electrical heating performance is required in the tightest of spaces.
    Coil heaters can be wound or bent according to the customers wish in nearly every geometrical form; therefore it offers a great adaptation on solid surfaces which require to be heated.
    Electric Hot Runner Coil Heater With Thermocouple specification:
    Types of Electric Hot Runner Coil Heater With Thermocouple:
    Application of Electric Hot Runner Coil Heater With Thermocouple:
    Hot runner system
    Spring coil heater
    Plastic injection molding
    Packaging Machinery
    Medical Equipment
    Casting Process
    Other electric heating industry
    Hot nozzle
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