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    1-144 cores OPLC Hybrid Fiber Optic Cable
    Cores available2,4,6,8,12,24,36,48,72,96,144
    Outer diameterVary from 7 to 15mm
    RV copper wiresRV0.5,1.0,1.5,2.0,2.5 sq.mm
    ApplicationAerial ,duct, pipeline, underground
    Cores typeG652D,G657A,G655C
    Attenuation @1310nm ≤0.36dB/km
    Attenuation @1550nm ≤0.22dB/km
    Package1/2km km each exporting wooden drums
    Learn more about fiber optic cable:
    What is Armored Fiber Cable?
    Constantly troubled by installing inner-duct or conduit to secure your optical fiber link? It is no longer a problem simply by adopting armored fiber cable—with build-in metal armor inside the outer jacket, armored cable provides extra protection for fiber optic cable, without sacrificing flexibility or functionality within fiber networks. Therefore, armored fiber cable is more robust and reliable when encountered with rodent, moisture and other issues that may cause damage. The superior features make armored fiber cable a perfect fit for campus & building backbones, data centers and industrial applications.
    Armored Fiber Cable Structure
    Armored fiber optic cable retains all the features of standard patch cables, but are much stronger and tougher to withstand crush, pressure and rodents. It possesses high flexibility and durability when used in harsh environment or limited space. Armored fiber cable is made with several layers to secure the cable. The plastic outer jacket provides protection against rodent, abrasion and twist. Then we can see a light steel tube between the optic fibers and the outer jacket, which offers better protection to the fibers in the center. And the Kevlar is placed inside the outer jacket to cover the steel tube. This picture simply demonstrates the most basic structure of armored cable, and it changes accordingly to different usage occasion.
    Types of Armored Fiber Cable
    Armored fiber optic cable can be divided into two types according to the metal tube: interlock armored fiber cable and corrugated armored cable. Interlocking armor is an aluminum armor that is helically wrapped around the cable and found in indoor and indoor/outdoor cables. It offers ruggedness and superior crush resistance. Corrugated armor is a coated steel tape folded around the cable longitudinally. It is found in outdoor cables and offers extra mechanical and rodent protection. Both types of these armored fiber cables enable installation in the most hazardous areas, including environments with excessive dust, oil, gas, moisture, or even damage-causing rodents.Hybrid Fiber Cable