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    Operation mode: mechanical
    Timing function: no
    Timing power supply method: Lithium battery
    Rated power: 7(W)
    Battery capacity: 1200 mAh 2000 mA (green)
    Voltage: AC110~220V 50HZ
    Battery: Lithium Battery 3.7V
    Power: 7w
    Charging time: 8~10h
    Operating time: about 60 minutes (120 minutes idling)
    Product material: ABS, PP, aluminum, rubber
    Product weight: 1.39kg
    Product size: 107*8*12cm
    Packing size: 55*11*17cm
    Box gauge: 56.5*55.5*47.5cm
    Key word: Multifunctional Electric Handle Household Cleaning Brush Set
    Hurricane Rotary Scrubber
    Window wipe
    Floor cleaner
    Product acessories:
    Corner brush
    Flat brush
    Dome brush
    Extension rod
    Main handle
    Three brush heads for easy response to various needs
    Whether it is the bathroom or the ground, it is easy to clean without bending over
    Humanized handle, easy to use design
    Wireless design, easy to use
    Flexible and convenient, want to brush there and brush there
    Long and short dual-use handles, depending on the cleaning place, choose long and short handles, length adjustableHandheld Vacuum Cleaner manufacturers