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    Ⅰ. Product Classification:
    It is mainly used in the production of cold curing soft foam,self-crust foam,moulding buffer ,non-continuous rigid foam sheet and hard foam filling products.especially for soft foam,rigid foam,semi-rigid foam,Crust foam.Such as refrigerators,freezers,cars ,motorcycle cushions,instrument panel and insulation pipes
    Ⅱ. Functions and features:
    1. “L” type mixing head component can be uniformly mixed in the mixing chamber.
    2. High-pressure mixing pouring head can be vertically or horizontally mounted, suitable for both open and closed modes of pouring. Made up of hydraulic valves, nozzle and component calibration system.
    3. When high pressure cycle is executed before measuring, the piston spray needle can be used to set the desired work pressure.
    4. The mixed control lever controls the simultaneous opening of every component, enabling the raw materials achieve the effect of uniform mixing.
    5. The mechanical cleaning of mixing head is completed together by control lever and the cleaning lever.
    6. Applicable viscosity: (20-25℃)
    Working Condition :
    ComponentMixing ratioTemperature(℃)Viscosity (CPS)
    A (prepolymer)1~5Room temperature~80<2500
    B (Isocyanate)5~1Room temperature~80<1500
    Polyether polyols: ~Max.3500mPa.s
    Isocyanate: ~Max.1500mPa.s
    ● Adjustment range of mixing ratio: 5:1~1:5
    ● Working pressure: 6~22MPa
    ● Casting time: 0.50~99.99s (accurate to 0.01s)
    ● Power: 3*380V/50HZ±10%
    ● Control power: 220V/24V
    Ⅲ. Application:
    The pneumatic die sets are used for producing automobile meter boards, automobile inner decorations, automobile cushions produced in batches.Automatic CNC High Pressure Foaming Machine factory