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    Rotational molding is a special process used by manufacturers to impart the desired shape to plastic materials.The rotational molding basically defines the method used to impart the desired shape to the plastic.
    The process itself is superior to other processes used to shape plastics and produces a high quality and durable body that has become the hallmark of the best coolers on the market.
    The process begins by filling the mold with hot melt plastic. The mold is then rotated at a predetermined speed to provide a uniform and uniform thickness of plastic along the entire body of the cooler. This is where the rotational molding process is strong: the cooler can reach a consistent thickness, which means there are no weak points that are particularly prone to cracking or breaking.
    Ice box (cooler) is using food grade LLDPE materials of environmental protection, after the world’s most advanced — — — — — a rotational moulding process formed refined but become,
    Equipped with Marine stainless steel lock, the bottom with a rubber mat, non-toxic tasteless, UV resistance, not easy to change color, smooth surface, easy to clean, heat preservation effect is good, not afraid fell to touch, can be used for life. The product matches the ice bag to use, maintains the cold effect to surpass the American profession standard. Refrigerate for several days.Houseware Rotomolding Mould suppliers